• Reviewed by: kmoore0408  on: //2023
    Dined in Mulan today and was pretty disappointed with the Shrimp Roll, it hardly had any shrimp in it and honestly it looked like crab. The fried rice was room temperature as well as the veggie spring rolls. I’ve dined here several times and have never been disappointed but today was different. I asked to speak to a manager and an assistant manager( black man with locs ) was extremely rude when I asked him about the rolls. I also took a picture but It’s really a shame that he represents Mulan and he needs some training on customer service and what not to say to customers. When you work in an industry such as this you should always be mindful of how you respond to customers.
  • Reviewed by: ekhornor  on: //2022
    Mulan is and always will be my favorite spot for Asian food. Everything is always amazing and the people that work there are so kind. Great food, great prices, and just a wonderful atmosphere. Repeat customer for life!
  • Reviewed by: miaoq2005  on: //2022
    I ordered an "Charcoal Roasted Duck Bone In" and requested for delivery. I paid extra tip ($10) for it. The duck I received had overall burnt, dark skin, and the meet was not fully cooked and hard to bite, nor looked fresh. Extremely disappointed.
  • Reviewed by: deshonperson27  on: //2022
    I need that sent to my email.
  • Reviewed by: deshonperson27  on: //2022
    My resume and act test score that you where supposed to get copy of and bring me back the original!
  • Reviewed by: brittany.ross439  on: //2021
    My boyfriend and I have been ordering from Mulan pretty consistently for the past 8 months and the last two times there has been a very noticeable change in the food. The quality has gone down. We always order the General Tso’s Chicken and Tso’s tofu and have noticed an change in the taste of the sauce and even this last time there were cashews in it. Very disappointed.
  • Reviewed by: nlovett71  on: //2021
    This has been by far the WORST food ever. I spent $50 on this terrible food. The rice was sticky, the egg was burnt, and the tofu was ridiculously disgusting. NEVER AGAIN!!!!
  • Reviewed by: martha9042  on: //2021
    I love Mulan!!! i have always got the best service, whether dining in or delivery, appreciate you guys, keep up the good work
  • Reviewed by: glennbramsey  on: //2021
    The very worst Asian food that I have experienced. I love Chinese food, but you guys are a fraud!
  • Reviewed by: fayweaver  on: //2021
    Ordered Mulan's on Young yesterday and was very disappointed and we didn't eat it all. The portions were a lot smaller, the taste of the fried rice was very bland, there was hardly any chicken in the chicken fried rice, and the shrimp tasted like it was boiled and tossed into the fried rice. I pass several restaurants to come to this particular one because for the price charged, the portion size is good and the seasoning and taste of the food is great but something was off. Needless to say it was a disappointing meal that we could not finish. I hope they get back to the old recipes.
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