• Reviewed by: cchristian2  on: //2018
    We were so disappointed with our delivery order last night, we order often and refer people bc you are one of the only restrants that will deliver to us and we order 85 dollars plus each time. the seafood salad was raw seafood ontop of seaweed salad :(, the cooper roll was not made per menu discription and had no seaweed salad in it, spicy basil dish lame, and so much grease on the shrimp roll it was not edible, the house cumcuber roll was full of crabstick and no shrimp! wow thats a lot wrong, worse delivery meal from you to date in 5 years. thought you would want to know, cathy
  • Reviewed by: wanderingsmoke  on: //2018
    They start mopping the floors with straight fabuloso an hour before they close while still serving food. It's most unappetizing. When I spoke to the manager about it she laughed in my face.
  • Reviewed by: test  on: //2017
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