• Reviewed by: plbrown.46  on: //2019
    So on this evening, Jessica was my waitress, who approached the table with what I'd consider a not so pleasant attitude, very snappy and in a rush, I asked if she was ok and she asked me "wats up" in my dining experience I've never been asked wats up by my server, someone im potentially paying for a fine dining experience..attitude need to be adjusted indefinitely
  • Reviewed by: bexkxeb  on: //2018
    Hello, I have an order but have received an email to contact you. I cannot call you because your mailbox is full. I placed the order on Yelp an hour ago.
  • Reviewed by: stacksj123  on: //2018
    Hello my name is Jerry and I was wondering is you guys are hiring if so please give me a call at 9019303554 please call me I can start working any time or day thank you
  • Reviewed by: zmckin23  on: //2018
    Hi I was wondering if your hiring. Please call me at 901 921 0473
  • Reviewed by: katfarbercmt  on: //2018
    I put in a delivery order and after an hour and half I called. They told me their internet had been done and it just printed. Apparently they thought this was an okay excuse. It's not. This is not The first time they've had issues with deliveries. The food isn't good enough to deal with the poor service.
  • Reviewed by: bvalentinemp  on: //2018
    I am at the Walgreens on Union. Pls notify me when you leave the store.
  • Reviewed by: bvalentinemp  on: //2018
    Forgot to mention I am at Walgreens on Union. Pls call or email before leaving First tim to order on line Thank you.
  • Reviewed by: coenjulieelizabeth  on: //2018
    Wonderful service! Could not figure out the part of the website for deliveries, but called and was immediately helped in completely friendly manner. Food came quickly, and the man was even nice enough to warn me about the sudden rain.
  • Reviewed by: jeanettejones815  on: //2018
    Horrible Service Today! So,!I got there at 12 noon placed my order and 21 minuets later no food. The manager just said the guy had to make more fried rice and didn’t know how long it would be. You just opened and out of fried rice😕😕 Really....I spent 90% if my lunch hour there with no lunch. Thanks Mulan! 😤😤😕👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽
  • Reviewed by: seega0000  on: //2018
    Ordered the fresh vietnamese spring rolls- they had no rice noodles or bean sprouts- just lettuce and shrimp- very disappointing.
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