• Reviewed by: gregwillig  on: //2019
    I just got home with my order (#167 pickup) which was supposed to include 2 chicken egg rolls and there are no egg rolls in the bag. Maybe you could send me a coupon for my next purchase. Regards, Greg Willig 865-236-7442
  • Reviewed by: massagerachelgreen  on: //2019
    Soup is weird!
  • Reviewed by: shelleyfthomas  on: //2019
    I just made an online order, spent $50, waited an hour, got my order, he left and MY CHICKEN FRIED RICE ISNT IN HERE. Your not answering the phone for me to tell you this. Now what?????
  • Reviewed by: coenjulieelizabeth  on: //2018
    Wonderful service! Could not figure out the part of the website for deliveries, but called and was immediately helped in completely friendly manner. Food came quickly, and the man was even nice enough to warn me about the sudden rain.
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