• Reviewed by: latricejones6  on: //2021
    just left Mulan ordered the same as usual and I am disappointed. My beef lo mean noodles are plain no sauce just plain redid by just adding more noodles. No taste just bland I won't be back ever. Yes I'm your security officer.
  • Reviewed by: tiiiwana  on: //2021
    FUCK THIS PLACE. The manager, Monica Patrick, is a liar and a very unprofessional employee. They delivered our food and never called to inform us it was outside. It sat for almost an hour.. the. Once we did get it, our food was wrong and some was missing!! she called me a liar and insinuated I was trying to get free food. Plenty of better Asian cuisine around Memphis. Do not waste your breath on these ignorant ass people.
  • Reviewed by: christie.creagh  on: //2021
    placed an order for delivery over 3 hours ago. Still haven't heard anything.
  • Reviewed by: rehanalrashid  on: //2021
    I ordered Pad Thai last night and found a hair in my food! Completely off putting and a waste of money. Please make this right!!! :(
  • Reviewed by: sanlotyahoos  on: //2021
    I did not receive my chicken fried rice with my combo order o 1/30/2021.
  • Reviewed by: goedeckp  on: //2021
    Question: Do you sell gift cards? I’d love to buy a $100 Mulan Bistro gift card for my friend whose father recently passed away ~
  • Reviewed by: piercingpixi333  on: //2020
    Ordered chicken fried rice, crispy shrimp roll, Vietnamese steamed spring roll with shrimp, & a salad with ginger dressing. Everything was good {just good} except the spring rolls which were COMPLETELY inedible. Something had gone bad & the peanut sauce - what little was given even smelled & tasted off. Also, they were so loosely rolled that it completely fell apart upon the first bite. {which tasted so bad I didn't finish chewing & certainly didn't swallow!} All in all, I was satisfied enough to be full & thankful I didn't have to cook or leave the house. Will I order again, definitely not.
  • Reviewed by: rmharpool  on: //2020
    Hi, my salad was left off my order tonight- can I get a refund, please? I was clearly charged for it on the receipt
  • Reviewed by: dezilyy1429  on: //2020
    I ordered Mulan through doordash tonight for dinner. Although it arrived in a timely manner the food was not so good. I had an order of shrimp fried rice that contained many egg shells. And I also did not receive the teriyaki sauce I asked for.
  • Reviewed by: shep0716  on: //2020
    I want my money returned. I ordered this evening and all my food was old, and dried out. I talked for a manager and he didn't seem to care. I will return my food if I need to myself. But I want my money returned ASAP. If it hadn't of been for the lack I caring from the manager I talked to I would have emailed this.
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