• Reviewed by: piercingpixi333  on: //2020
    Ordered chicken fried rice, crispy shrimp roll, Vietnamese steamed spring roll with shrimp, & a salad with ginger dressing. Everything was good {just good} except the spring rolls which were COMPLETELY inedible. Something had gone bad & the peanut sauce - what little was given even smelled & tasted off. Also, they were so loosely rolled that it completely fell apart upon the first bite. {which tasted so bad I didn't finish chewing & certainly didn't swallow!} All in all, I was satisfied enough to be full & thankful I didn't have to cook or leave the house. Will I order again, definitely not.
  • Reviewed by: rmharpool  on: //2020
    Hi, my salad was left off my order tonight- can I get a refund, please? I was clearly charged for it on the receipt
  • Reviewed by: dezilyy1429  on: //2020
    I ordered Mulan through doordash tonight for dinner. Although it arrived in a timely manner the food was not so good. I had an order of shrimp fried rice that contained many egg shells. And I also did not receive the teriyaki sauce I asked for.
  • Reviewed by: shep0716  on: //2020
    I want my money returned. I ordered this evening and all my food was old, and dried out. I talked for a manager and he didn't seem to care. I will return my food if I need to myself. But I want my money returned ASAP. If it hadn't of been for the lack I caring from the manager I talked to I would have emailed this.
  • Reviewed by: gregwillig  on: //2019
    I just got home with my order (#167 pickup) which was supposed to include 2 chicken egg rolls and there are no egg rolls in the bag. Maybe you could send me a coupon for my next purchase. Regards, Greg Willig 865-236-7442
  • Reviewed by: massagerachelgreen  on: //2019
    Soup is weird!
  • Reviewed by: shelleyfthomas  on: //2019
    I just made an online order, spent $50, waited an hour, got my order, he left and MY CHICKEN FRIED RICE ISNT IN HERE. Your not answering the phone for me to tell you this. Now what?????
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